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How PLG Beats Microsoft — JumpCloud’s Growth Story From 0 To $2.6B

When going toe-to-toe against industry incumbents, honing in on your company’s core values can give you a leg-up when winning over customers. For JumpCloud, that meant crafting its go-to-market motion around transparent product pillars that resonated with its target audience.

Guided by the company’s 'Freedom and Openness' principle, JumpCloud launched with a freemium model that was truly ungated, which helped the company build trust with users. As the JumpCloud scaled, the company combined its PLG motion with a sales-assisted strategy that allowed customers to access support and sales demos throughout their evaluation journey.

Kyle Poyar @ Openview Labs growth

B2B SaaS Companies Adding Generative AI Capabilities

We are beginning to see a new era of 'smart software' unfold in the B2B SaaS landscape. More and more SaaS players are adding generative AI capabilities as the next layer of value for their products.

To help you stay up-to-date with the changes in the industry, I curated a Google Sheet featuring 30+ B2B SaaS companies that have recently launched or announced generative AI products or integrations. Among these companies are industry giants like Salesforce, HubSpot, and ThoughtSpot, which have recently released versions of their ChatGPT-like products. I’ll be updating this sheet every week.

Ian Ito @ SaaS Weekly growth

SaaS SEO Best Practices — Dos And Don'ts

Implementing SEO best practices can help improve your website's search engine visibility and attract more visitors. Among these best practices are; focusing on user experience, optimizing on-page content, and building high-quality backlinks. In addition, avoiding pitfalls like overusing keywords and ignoring mobile optimization will ensure your company provides valuable content to your audience that gets discovered.

Cecillia Ramos @ Kalungi Blog marketing

The Most Important B2B SaaS Marketing Metrics

Tracking B2B marketing metrics throughout your customer's buying journey allows you to get a complete picture of how well your marketing strategies perform. From the top of the funnel KPIs to customer retention, this article walks you through 17 metrics that help you make better data-driven decisions when optimizing your marketing efforts.

Ethan Crump @ Foundation Marketing marketing

Microsoft's Knowledge Graph And Copilot

Microsoft and Google recently showcased their AI-enabled productivity suites, with Microsoft introducing the Copilot System and Business Chat. Ultimately, Microsoft's strategy encourages an intercompany network effect, driving the re-bundling of software and reducing information fragmentation within organizations. ​​I’m curious how this will impact B2B SaaS founders: does this pose a challenge for SaaS companies that need to work around, within, or alongside integrated ecosystems?

Arda Capital @ Tidal Wave ai

As A Human, I’m Excited About AI. As An Investor, I’m Still Wrestling With A Few Questions

This article explores a few very interesting questions about the different layers of the AI stack, including base models, AI middleware, and AI-native applications. Specifically, will the integration of AI in existing businesses create new AI-native applications or simply enhance existing platforms? This an interesting question to explore as more and more B2B SaaS companies launch generative AI capabilities.

Hunter Walk @ hunterwalk ai

Five Tips On AI Prompt Writing (With Real World Customer Success Examples)

There is a lot of buzz around generative AI for marketing and sales, but how about for customer success teams? This article offers practical tips and examples of how Customer Success reps can use generative AI chatbots like ChatGPT to streamline and enhance customer success tasks. A few of these tasks include email content generation, customer and market research, and video/phone scripting.

Emily Nesterick @ ChurnZero success

Launching A Free Product To A Skeptical Customer Base — The PLG Journey At TrustCloud

TrustCloud's successful launch of its 'Starter' platform highlights the potential of product-led growth (PLG) as a growth lever for SaaS founders, especially in a compliance-based market. The company’s go-to-market strategy focused on making the solution easy to understand and access, addressing any skepticism the leadership and sales teams may have.

By using onboarding calls to build relationships and create a rapid feedback loop for product and design improvements, TrustCloud was able to quickly gain trust within prospective companies. Users who were onboarded then reached an ‘aha’ moment and went back to the leadership team to advocate for TrustCloud.

Gary Yau Chan @ Openview Labs growth

How These Seven B2B SaaS Companies Achieved Explosive Growth

In case you missed last week’s article. The SaaS Weekly team has curated a list of the best B2B SaaS growth stories that showcase how some companies achieved impressive growth rates. From leveraging pricing and packaging to optimizing their product-led growth motion, these featured SaaS companies found creative ways to scale their businesses.

Ian Ito @ SaaS Weekly growth

My Thoughts On The SVB Meltdown

In this article, Dave doesn’t dive into all the details of the SVB situation. Instead, he points to some of the best explainer articles he found. If you are looking to dive deeper into the series of events that unfolded around SVB, I recommend checking out the list of articles Dave mentions. (Also, I would add [Janelle Teng’s ( article to your reading list as well.)

Dave Kellogg @ Kellblog finance

Bank Hygiene For Startups

Silicon Valley Bank's collapse has led to uncertainty among startups. Now, achieving financial stability and security is top of mind for SaaS founders. One way to do this is to maintain relationships with two different banks, which offers redundancy, flexibility, and the ability to transfer funds quickly (in case of a bank run). Dive into a handful of other recommended best practices around banking for startups.

David Cummings @ David Cummings on Startups finance

Ellison’s Gospel, The Evolution Of Salesforce, And The (AI Driven) Re-Bundling Of Software

A lengthy article but an absolute must-read! This article dives into the history of the system of record software category (think Salesforce, Oracle, Workday) and the evolution of how it expanded within an organization’s technology stack. Using Salesforce as an example, these SORs are now creating a unified customer data platform that removes the need for multiple tools and data silos. They are incentivizing companies to consolidate around one data source by adding an AI application layer that could enhance a business’ workflow.

Arda Capital @ Tidal Wave ai

Salesforce Plans To Incorporate Generative AI Across The Platform

Salesforce has announced the pilot of its 'Einstein GPT' technology, a generative AI push aimed at bringing ChatGPT-like features across the platform. For example, customer service agents can leverage AI-generated draft replies for faster responses, while sales teams can benefit from AI-driven emails and CRM record updates. Overall, Einstein GPT has the potential to provide a competitive edge to SaaS founders by optimizing key business operations.

Ron Miller @ TechCrunch ai

30 Best Bots For Marketers In 2023

In today's fast-paced marketing landscape, juggling numerous daily tasks and campaigns can overwhelm marketers. This article curates a comprehensive list of 30 bots (or workflow co-pilots) designed to automate various aspects of the marketing process.

Erica Santiago @ HubSpot marketing

How These Seven B2B SaaS Companies Achieved Explosive Growth

If you're looking for your next growth strategy, we got you covered. In this article, we curated a list of the best B2B SaaS growth stories that showcase how seven companies achieved explosive growth.

From leveraging pricing and packaging to optimizing their product-led growth motion, these featured SaaS companies found creative ways to scale their businesses. So sharpen your pencils and get ready to learn from the best.

Ian Ito @ SaaS Weekly growth

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